We will be providing meals at no cost to ALL students through October 20th. Meal choices may be limited due to availability and will not follow the published menu. Limited a la cart items may still be available for purchase. Adult meals will be available for purchase if food inventory allows.


Teresa Love, Principal  Email
Vicki Rowland, Assistant Principal   Email
Melinda Hull, Secretary  Email
Gwen Johnson, Secretary  Email
Pamela Barbara, Bookkeeper  Email
Julie Cunningham, Data Entry Operator  Email
Emily Fowler, BCE Student

Jaguar Jungle

Brian Machado, Behavior Specialist  Email
Kala Hamilton, ESE Pre K   Email
Erin Mockler Eaton, ESE Pre K   Email
Karen Meisner, ESE Primary   Email   Website
Danielle Cook,
ESE Primary Email   Website
Melissa Kester, ESE Intermediate   Email   Website

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Sarah Quispe, School Counselor  Email
Christi Shaw, School Counselor    Email
Janet Rider, Guidance Secretary  Email
Elyse Centonze, Speech & Language Pathologist  Email
Cheyenne Brady, Speech & Language Pathologist  Email
Megan Ryder, Speech & Language Pathologist   Email
Kathy Wieczorek, ESE Support Facilitator Email
Beverly Rivas, ESE Support Facilitator  Email
Laura Gerena, ESE Support Facilitator Email
Melissa Quinones, ESE Support Facilitator   Email
Vanessa Fox, Learning Design Coach   Email
Terri Willett, Media & Technology Assistant  Email
Michelle Bern, School Psychologist  Email
Heather Shisler, Social Worker  Email
Mary Davis, School Nurse  Email
Sanja Jozic, Clinic Assistant Email
Deirdre Symons, Instructional    Email

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Tom Clark, Physical Education      Email
Melissa Brain
, Physical Education      Email
Abby Sadiku, Physical Education   Email

Monica Duquette, Music      Email   Website
Sharon Braman, Music      Email   Website
Michael Smith, Music    Email    Website

Michele Christy, Art    Email    Website
Deborah Townsend, Art   Email

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Becky Kosis, Plant Manager     Email
Joe Ceresoli, Assistant Plant Manager   Email
Nick Ciampoli
Steven Friedman
Tyler Curry
Ray Brandon
Brian Hall

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Madeline Schnuck, PLACE Manager     Email

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Linda Osuba, Manager      Email
Jeanetta Pisarcik, Production Assistant
April Jones
Dawn Newton
Dana Sabia
Carol Kausas-Swick

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Nicole Hurlburt     Email
Kim Middleton     Email
Jessica Bodwell     Email
Jill Shelton   Email
Chris Grant     Email
Autumn Hanratty   Email
Shannon Billek   Email

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Carol Ciadella   Email    Website
Michelle Morton     
Email    Website
Ann Simmons     Email    Website
Amy Will     Email    Website
Amber Bartee     Email    Website
Amanda Nobrega     Email    Website
Stephanie White    Email    Website

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Julie Margolies     Email    Website
Lisa Grimsley   Email    Website
Denise Smith    Email    Website
Natasha Lindstrom  Email    Website
Kimberly McKee   Email    Website
Lisa Dexter     Email    Website
Courtney Krikstone  Email    Website

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Jamie Nienhouse    Email     Website
Danielle Biermann    Email   Website
Kelly Agan   Email   Website
Nicole Scalici    Email   Website
Kristina Ambrosio   Email   Website
 Lori Desimone     Email   Website
Aubrey Testoni     Email   Website

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Amy Rakoczy     Email
Michelle Browning     Email   Website
Holly Horsburgh
     Email   Website
Michele Rigoglioso     Email   Website
Kim Scheu  Email

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Kim Rowles     Email   Website
Jennifer James     Email
Cathy Smith     Email   Website
Scott Ortolano
Natalie Ramotowski   Email
Georgeanne Crabtree   Email   
 Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.16.51 PM
Leslie Boyer
Sandra Tompkins     Email
Sharyn Foster     Email
Carol Jacobs     Email
Tracy Wild     Email
 Viktoriya Hamm     Email
Katie Cunningham     Email
Sofia Reyes   Email
Catherine Dixon Email
Patricia Ford   Email
Rosemarie Tesoriero-Drouni   Email

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